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There are many factors that must be met to be able to enjoy the wedding movie. And we know them!

It took us a long time to get to the style of editing your films. Thanks to this, today we understand better what a good wedding movie should look like and we can talk about love in thousands of ways.
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A surprising cinema trailer

Dynamically assembled 3-5 minutes trailer, full of thoughtful shots, properly selected colors, music and speeches. Created in an ideal composition to show what emotions prevailed that day. Allowing you to experience your wedding day and all the emotions that were associated with it again. This is a tailor-made wedding movie. Perfect for watching over and over and sharing with friends and family. This is our flagship product and we are proud that we can spend a lot of time creating these short clips.

An artistic film full of good taste

The entire film is assembled in a non-random manner, ± 20 minutes. It is great to come back to these memories and see again what your day looked like with all the major events such as preparations, ceremonies, speeches and wedding fun. This is a documentary for everyone who wants to keep as many memories as possible combined with beautiful music and an outdoor session. Perfect for watching with friends, acquaintances and family

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Classic longer documentary

Longer material assembled chronologically ± 40 minutes. The film was created with the greatest care for fans of longer productions. For us, these are not only movies but stories full of love. The main characters of these stories have become part of our lives. We had the honor of creating their 'love story’. It will not lack your oath and full first dance. All speeches will be recorded by a minimum of 3 cameras. Feel the feeling of wedding cinema in all our shots.

A few films from our portfolio